Monday, December 7, 2009


I'm in competition over at ZUDA again, and this time it's with my buddy, Josh Hechinger. Our story is THE HOUSE ALWAYS WINS or THAW... a horror/mystery mix that is free to read, cuz we like you that much.

If you like it... or even if you just like us (I'm not a proud man), then give us a vote. I've copied and pasted Josh's instructions on signing up and voting (this bit also contains info about a contest we're running).

So, the Zuda contest relies on votes. Not unlike American Idol, actually. And if we win, we get to do the comic as an ongoing series that we get paid for and everything. Which would be great, I tell you what.

So, here’s what we need from you:

1) Go to

2) Either sign in, or make a new account at

2a) If you’re signing up, just fill out all the required (red asterisk) fields.

3) Go back to once you have an account, and sign in.

4) Go to:

5) Click the button marked “Favorite” on the sidebar.

6) Click Five Stars on the “Rate this Comic” section, also on the sidebar.

7) Finally, click the big “Vote!” button; again, right column. That, Favorites, and the Rating all count towards our winning the contest.

8) Feel free to leave a comment as well. I don’t know if it counts for anything, we just like hearing from folks.

Actually, wait, speaking of comments: we’re also running a little side contest. Basically, whoever gets the most votes for us gets drawn into the series as a victim of the ghost.

First prize is that and a copy of the Eisner and Harvey Awards-winning anthology Comic Book Tattoo, signed by me and John (we were both in it). Second prize is just you being in the comic.

So if you get other people to vote on our behalf, make sure they leave a comment saying it was you who got them to do it.

Hope you enjoy it, and THANK YOU!!!


Marco Roblin said...

Excellent work here! Incredible use on inks and such a broad, strong and loose palette! Congrats! You deserve to win at Zuda...
WOW! A nice team for sure!
All the best guys!

John_Bivens said...

Thanks a lot Marco. It's a short competition, but it's gonna feel like a long month.