Thursday, November 5, 2009

Ink Sketch: Stretch of the Imagination

Doing some prep work for my "Stretch of the Imagination" idea. Since the stories I write will involve me, this includes the first self-portrait that I've done in a few years. The drawings in this picture were done with a brush pen(pentel black 101) and an Office Max gel pen 0.7. It feels good to get back to messy materials, but I have to remember to be carefull not to smear the ink as I work... especially with the gel pen.


carolynpaluch said...

are you growing your hair out?

Skottie Young said...

Great sketch. I loving it. And you are nice with the real brushes. I want o see more!!

John_Bivens said...

carolynpaluch - I'm seeing how long I cangrow it out over the winter. It will either be cut when they demand it at my day job, or when I get bored... which shouldn't be for a while yet.
Skottie Young - coming from someone that uses the brush as well as you, that means a lot. Thanks.