Monday, October 5, 2009

Early rough pencils, to a page I'm currently inking. This project has been fun to work on, due to the good back and forth in my collaboration with the writer. This page started as a splash, and I felt a couple of small insert panels would help show everything the writer wanted in the panel and help lead the eye around a bit (yes, I like lots of panels on a page... I think this makes me a brain-damaged-comic-artist). I whipped this up and sent it to my writer, who liked what I was doing and then suggested some subject and order changes to the smaller panel, which will make the page much stronger in the end... and tell more than I initially was.

For this comic the I'm going back and forth from doing the pencils traditionally and digitally (obviously this page is digital), but all the inking up to this point is being done digitally.

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