Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Visiting Artist: Jon Foster

at SDCC this year I was lucky enough to find Jon Foster (, pull him aside and get the ball rolling for him to do the visiting artist thing at Northern Illinois University this year. I have absolutely no idea how many people that see this are close enough to NIU to make the trip, but Jon will be giving a demo, talk'n about illustration and generally shooting the shit October 23rd in Dekalb (roughly 45 minutes away from Chicago). This is open to the public, so if your interested show up.

The schedule of happenings that I was given is as follows:
10am- digital painting demo (room 307 of the art building)
2pm- portfolio critiques
5pm- Illustration lecture (room 100 of the art building)
Later- group dinner (not exactly sure where they have that planned yet)

if you can make it then I hope to see you there.


allison j. sebastian said...

You organized it? Brilliant! I just got the email from Todd earlier today. I'll miss the most important 75% of it, as I don't get home from work until 6:30 or 7pm. But it would be sweet to meet him, so I told Todd that perhaps I could come to the dinner.

John_Bivens said...

Alli- I got the ball rolling, but Todd has to be given the credit for finishing the deal. Hope to see you there :)

allison j. sebastian said...

I just asked my manager and she said that all things willing I can leave at 3:30 that day, so I'll be at the lecture!