Monday, June 11, 2007

So, what's going on this week...
Well, last week I received an offer to make a lil bit of extra money this summer doing a web comic with Sam Costello, which I am accepting so I will be doing some character development work and thumbnails this week.

Also, currently trying to put together a proposal to Adult Swim for my Lil Charlie character. Really don't know if anything at all will come of this, but I'm meeting with my writer friend, Devin Hansen, this week to go over script ideas. Devin is the guy I've been working with on a proposal to Image comics.

Oh yeah, and Thursday I will officially be another year older, and will most likely be hitting some bar here in DeKalb that night *sighs*

Then the week after this I start up my last two classes at NIU, a math class I've been avoiding since I turned 18, and an illustration class at the field museum in Chicago.

This is shaping up into quite the busy summer.

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